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poster dalí mockup 1.png

This poster was part of an individual excercise to create a graphic poster applying the knowledge from a Domestika course on poster design.

After creating this prompt from Sharpen, I then filled out the rest of the brief on my own. 

'Design a poster for the upcoming Salvador Dalí exibition in the MACBA museum. The poster must attract tourists and it will be distributed all around the city of Barcelona'.

poster dalí finales-15.png
poster dalí finales-14.png

After doing some research on Dalís' work, and looking for pieces that would connect the city of Barcelona and the artists work, I came across this painting (Fishermen in the Sun, 1928) and it made perfect sense because it combined the sea, one of the most emblematic caracteristics of the city with Dalis' work.

I then decided to image trace the painting, in order to be able to play with the sea creatures that appear in the painting without losing any detail.

I chose the red crabs of the left because I liked how they appeared both human and crabby at the same time, and it's always nice to incorporate some human aspect into designs.

poster dalí finales-05.png
poster dalí finales-04.png

I played around with the positioning and the fonts but I wasn't convinced with how it was turning out.

Bagerich was the first font I tried to apply but I think it was too stylized to combine with the abstract graphics on top, and it was distracting. I chose this font because I wanted it to look somewhat like Dalis signature.

poster dalí finales-06.png
poster dalí finales-07.png

I decided to go with Helvetica for the font, as it has a more modern look and it looks similar to the one used by MACBA for their graphic work.

Somehow, monocromatic and negative space was around my head when I decided to go this way for the design of the poster and I really liked how it looked.

poster dalí finales-08.png
poster dalí finales-09.png

I thought that it would look even nicer changing the black for white. Then, some tweaks where made on spacing and sizing until I was satisfied with the looks of the poster.

Here I also started to play with colour, because it was going to be spread around the whole city of Barcelona, it was going to be nice for the tourists to experience the colour variations through out their walks around the city.

poster dalí finales-10.png
poster dalí finales-11.png
poster dalí finales-12.png
poster dalí finales-13.png

For the colour story, I wanted to combine the tile red from the painting with the sea, this is how I ended up with this beautiful gradient that goes from a beautiful orange to an electric blue. These two colours also work very well together as they are complimentary.

poster dalí mockup 2.png
poster dalí mockup 3.png

Finally, I decided to create a few mockups to see how these posters would look around different advertisement medias, having to also play with the layouts and sizing to accomodate the design to the new variations.


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