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What would your response be if I said that the only natural talent that an artist has is the desire to create. Everything else outside that is a skill they've learnt. Hi! My name is Walo. And I have that desire.


I have learnt how to channel this desire into different creative outlets and dived myself into various disciplines, like design or photography or even performance, some would say I'm greedy but I see it as curiosity.

This is why I see myself as just another tool of the design process, mostly in my commisioned work, where the clients opinion is at stake. In a way, I see my position as a professional creative like a sort of mediator between what is wanted to be done, and what has to be done.


Communication and storytelling are the key aspects of my personal work, and I deliver this through polished and clean pieces of work, where every detail serves a purpose. I connect with my creativity through experience, using this as a catalyst to bring out the imagery that I produce. Not only I question my own experiences but also its relationship with my <<self>>, enabling me to have a conversation with myself and the world as well as connecting with and healing my emotions.

Walo Olmos Araña

Google UX Design Professional Certificate


2022 - Present


Workshop ‘Critical Creation & Marketing’ 

PSJM & CAAM - Atlantic Modern Art Center



CFGS in Photography

Fine Arts & Design School, Gran Canaria

2020 - 2021


Masters Degree in Product Design

IED Madrid

2019 - 2020


BA Hons in Industrial Design Engineiring
The Hague University of applied Sciences
2016 - 2019



Creative Direction of the fashion film ‘BENAHOARE’, which explored the Canarian experience and brought together multiple local creatives



Abstract Bodies I

A reflection about Trans bodies




Metal Luminaire design 


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